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Demon Warrior

A Demon warrior.

Demons are the inhabitants of Hell, and are the ones that sided with Lucifer during the Rebellion. Demons are incapable of turning into Fears. Demons are unable to mate with most other races, save for humans, Angels, and Nephilim. There are three classes of demons, with the first class being divided into nine subclasses.


Demons are divided into nine subclasses based on which Circle of Hell they reside in. Each subclass has adapted to their respective Circles, and as such, fight and act differently. With that said, each Demon is able to use Hellfire, regardless of the Circle they are from.


Demons from Limbo are by far the most basic. Having gained no additional powers from their time in this Circle, they are only able to control Hellfire. They typically use swords and shields.


Lust Demons have gained the power of Atmokinesis from spending so much time in the hurricanes that rage across this Circle. Their weapons of choice are whips and daggers. Lust Demons are very provocative in nature.


Demons from Gluttony are skilled in Seismokinesis, likely due to this Circle being known for seismic activity. They often use large war-hammers or maces. These Demons take great pleasure in indulging themselves.


These Demons have taken advantage of the seas of molten gold, and learned the power Geo-Thermokinesis. They typically wield axes of either single handed our two handed variety. Demons from Greed are the most self-centered.


Anger Demons have mastered Hydrokinesis from their interactions with the river Styx. They prefer to use large two handed greatswords. Anger Demons are short tempered and very stubborn.


From living for so long in this crypt-like Circle, Heresy Demons have learned Umbrakinesis. They prefer to fight using spears, pikes, and halberds. They are also very philosophical, being some of the best thinkers in Hell.


The powers gained by Demons in Violence depends on the Ring they inhabit. Those of the Outer Ring have learned Haemokinesis from drowning souls in Phlegethon, those of the Middle Ring have gained Naturakinesis from their time in the Forest of Suicides, and those from the Inner Ring have gained Psammokinesis from extensive periods of time in the deserts. All demons from this Circle are skilled archers. They are more sadistic than those from other Circles.


Demons from Fraud are able to use Serqekinesis, likely due to their constant use of acid and venom. Fraud Demons usually use scimitars. These are the most manipulative and deceitful Demons that exist.


Very few Demons call Treachery home, but those that do are some of the strongest. Their time in this frozen wasteland has made them masters of Cryokinesis. They vary between either swords and shields, or spears. Ironically, Demons from Treachery are the most loyal of their kind, likely due to their close proximity to the Princes.


Archdemons are much stronger than normal Demons, and more diverse. The powers and weapons they use depend on which Circles they frequent most, as well as what troops they command. Archdemons are the commanders of the armies of Hell, typically having at least one legion to their name. The strongest and most feared of the Archdemons is the one known as Therai, who has command over the entirety of the Legions of Hell, and answers directly to the Princes.

The PrincesEdit

The Princes are the only Seraphim to rebel against God during the Rebellion, and because of their strength, they rule all of Hell. There are seven of them in total, and they are said to rival Heaven’s Council in power, though they have never beaten them. The seven Princes are: Lucifer , Mammon , Asmodeus, Leviathan , Beelzebub , Satan , and Belphegor.


When a Demon mates with a human, said human is transformed into a Half Demon. Once the Demon and human mate, their souls are forever entwined, creating an extremely powerful bond between them.

This bond allows the Half Demon to use the same powers their mate has, as well as being able to draw power from them, and they are able to communicate with each other via a mental bond they share, as well as being able to sense each other’s feelings. Not only that, but if the Demon is killed, their mate is able to perform a special ritual to resurrect them.

The major drawback to this bond is that the aforementioned resurrection ability does not work both ways. If the Half Demon is killed, they cannot be brought back to life, and this causes many problems for their mate. Once dead, the Demon will begin slowly losing their powers, as well as growing physically weaker, and no longer being able to enter Hell.

This deterioration also causes cracks to begin spreading all across their body, radiating outwards from their heart. This process can continue for an agonizingly long time.

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