The crest of the DCPD.

The Damascus City Police Department, or simply referred to as the DCPD, is the police force tasked with upholding the law in Damascus. And while the DCPD work hard to catch regular criminals, when it comes to the "underground", it is a different matter entirely. A majority of the factions active in Damascus pay "tribute money" every month, and in return, the DCPD turns a blind eye to the majority of their activities, so long as it is something that can be covered up. While the Police Chief and his staff are "in the know", so to speak, most of the officers in the DCPD aren't actually aware of the supernatural ties these factions have, thinking they are nothing more than gangs or crime syndicates.

A large portion of the Fear Servant cells operating in Damascus, such as the Timberwolves, are among the factions paying tribute money to the DCPD, while less organized cells, cannot  or do not, for varying reasons. Other factions of note include St. Micheal's ChurchThe Legion, Black Eden, and some Hunters.

Relationship between Law and the Supernatural

The Law and the Supernatural have a very interesting relationship within this roleplay. This relationship is of special note for anyone who wishes to play a police officer in the roleplay. The larger and more organized cells pay nearly all people involved in the law, judges, lawyers, and police, to not take or investigate cases. However, due to the fact that the Law is not informed as to the specifics of every job down by one of these cells, they simply assume any and all supernatural events are from one of these cells which pay them. 

Police, thus consider any cases with connection to the supernatural cold the moment the supernatural element is brought in, with penalties from police who attempt to break from this status quo. Lawyers are encouraged, often by large suitcases of money or the blade of a knife, not to take on cases which involve the non-human. Judges are so well paid they do not issue warrants for any investigation into the supernatural.

The few cops who are not corrupted or sense there is something off are often ostracized, and if they attempt to act on this sense of "wrongness" they often end up dead after being fired. Most often by the hand of whatever they are investigating.