Damascus is a wealthy and fairly large University town located in Gerorgia, USA .


 It was once a small rural town with a fairly small population. However, some time in the 1940's, the University of Damascus was founded. Said university was what allowed the town to grow and expand into what it is today. Though wealthy enough to basically be the west gerogian equivilent of Savannah, the University has garnered the town a reputation simmilar to that of Salem, Massachutsets. After World War Two, the university was one of the institutes to accept people brought in by Opperation PAPERCLIP. Durring the Cold War, UoD was believed to have aided the CIA and NSA in several of their rather illicit expiriments. 


Damascus has a population of approximately 142,056 people at any given time, coming close to that of it's more eastern counterpart, Savannah. A good ammount of the population is either students or staff of the University of Damascus, and another good chunk is all of the small business owners who have set up shop in the area. Damascus is also home to an unusually high ammount of Proxy and Timberwolf activity. Other Fear servants do occasionally pop up from time to time, but are not nearly as frequent or proliffic as the aformentioned two.

Look and feel

In the city's ongoing attempt to rival Savannah, it also has very victorian inspired architecture. However, while Savannah looks new and well-maintained, Damascus looks more like something out of Olliver Twist or H.P.Lovecraft. Not that the city doesn't try to keep buildings in good shape, it's just that they don't always have the funding. The University's reputation somewhat deters potential investers.

Notable Locations

  •  The Clearing, located aproximately 0.5 miles away from Damascus. 
  • Obviously, the University of Damascus.
  • The Black Hound pub. One of the many, many bars/pubs in the area, The Black Hound has a reputation for attracting those who are in, or looking for trouble. It's known as a runner bar to those in the know.
  • The Scarlet Duck. A Resteraunt That Wasn't There Yesterday, owned by the enigmatic Jack "The JOKER" Scarlet. While not exclusive to Damascus, it appears here more than anywhere else.