"Ïa,Ïa, Shub-Niggurath! Black Goat of the Woods with A Thousand Young!"

-Cultists of Shub-Niggurath

Cultists are human beings who have devoted their lives to a God or Gods that they believe to be the true creators of the universe. They seek favour from these beings through depraved rituals and sacrifice. Cultists can worship any being, ranging from the Babadooks and Elder Creatures to Azathoth or Moritus

Many cultists live away from humanity, in seculded groups. Other cultists will live near or in a city, drawn due to texts describing the beings they worship as Gods or a region they see as holy. Cultists who do gain favour from their God, if that being has the ability to do so, may gain powers of the kinetic form, or the ability to see the future. Other times the cultist is consumed by insanity. 

The call to join a cult attracts many people, and when they join a true cult, they often get either entrapped in the insanity of the cult's rituals, or they rebel and end up the centerpiece of said rituals. 

How a cultist dresses is determined by what cult they are in, thus they can be seen in anything from heavy, black, robes, to armor made of plate or chain. 

Lovecraftian Cultists tend to be seen more than any other cult, save perhaps those who worship demons in a theistic manner. This is likely due to the Cthulhu War.

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