Bliss is a psychadelic drug sold exclusively by the criminal organisation known as "The Timberwolves ".

Taking the form of a pill, any individual on the substance will typically feel a massive feel of relief, and sense a loss of all stress, worry, panic, and dread. Reports have stated that the sensation can be likened to "what one would assume of Heaven",and some individuals have reported expiriencing hallucinations of wonderful beings of bright light who are willing to assist, in almost any way, to relieve the individual's stress. Said beings who inhabit it are always described differently, with different genders, different clothing (and sometimes none at all), and different behaviors. Nothing about them is ever fully consistent, but they are always very pleasant to the individual in question.

Unsurprisingly, Bliss also causes some of the worst symptoms of withdrawl of any drug in existence. Upon coming off Bliss, individuals can be filled with an overwhelming sense of dread and and an inability to cope with the outside world. They typically feel overwhelmed returning to daily life, and as such often retreat back to Bliss in order to relive the pain. This helps keep the Timberwolves in business, as Bliss can cause these symptoms to occur from just the first usage. Individuals who dare unable to acquire more Bliss for prolonged periods of time are often subject to suicidal behaviors, often noting food and water do not taste as good, people are not as pleasant, and friends and family are far more disappointing than the hallucinations expirienced while on Bliss. 

It has been known on occasion for individuals to OD on the substance. Reports have stated that they appear to go into an overwhelming panic attack that often results in immediate shock to the brain or heart attack. It is unknown what causes this, as the nature of the drug remains a mystery to all outside of the Timberwolve gang, and they are not willing to divulge their secrets.