Black Eden is famous for it's projects involving humans, fears, mechanics and so on. Many of these projects have been produced in times of vast technological improvement, and mainly have occurred in the 19th to 21st century, including the Space Race, computers and the atomic bomb. In recent years, these projects have become much more secretive, being reduced to nothing more than rumours, and eventually all are dismissed as conspiracy theories.


Transcend Biology

The Transcend Biology Project (The TB Project) is a project to mix human DNA, Fear DNA, and technology in an attempt to create the "perfect" being. So far, the project is known to be composed of three stages, the only true difference between them being the creature the secondary DNA comes from, the second stage will use Primordial biological material (it is unknown if they have true DNA) as opposed to Fear DNA, and the final stage will use Lovecraftian biological matter.

This project has been very successful, with some workers in Black Eden gaining incredible intelligence, strength, and other qualities that far surpass those of normal, un-altered humans. One of the most well known "Trans-humans" is Dr. Adam Creed, leader of Black Dawn.