Scribe writing

An Archivist.

The Archivists are servants of the Blind Man. They task themselves with collecting information on the Fears. There are several types of Archivists:
  • Analysts: Study data and perform experiments.
  • Brokers: Sell information to wealthy buyers.
  • Collectors: Field agents that collect data and occasionally recruit someone.
  • Inquisitors: Investigate corruption within the Archive. Maintain the Sphere, the Archive's equivalent of a jail.
  • Keepers: Security forces, keep Archive bases hidden and files secure.
  • Martyrs: Soldiers, hunt down rogue agents and guard the Archive.
  • Scribes: Record and update information.
  • Gifted: Those that are chosen by Blind Man, usually to receive new memories. The highest ranking of the Archivists.

These all work together to preform all the taskes needed, akin to a highly advanced ant colony. 

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