John Ferguson Weir-375433

The forge in it's heyday, during the industrial revolution.

Anton's forge and workshop, located at the edges of an industrial park not far from The Den, is an old industrial foundry that, improbably, has been owned by a string of men with exactly the same name since it was decommissioned and sold by the government. Somewhat of a curiosity in the eyes of the normal inhabitants of the region, it's claimed to be owned and operated by only one man -but all the visible doors and windows have been welded and sealed shut.

To the supernatural community, it's known as an all-purpose workshop run by a fire elemental. A source of talismans, weapons, jewelry, tools, and crockery alike, it contains towering shelves of projects in various stages of completion, ranging from the simple and relatively mundane (eg. blown glass bottles and tableware) to the more exotic and unusual (eg. small automatic toys made of bronze clockwork and terracotta). Access to the forge requires passing through a section of brick wall that pivots on a surprisingly light axis upon careful pressure.

Though hardly famous, being one of the main and only businesses that cater directly to the supernatural community has granted the forge a certain amount of local recognition -the work produced by it is unparalleled, if one can put up with the strange, intense gleam in the smith's eyes and the clumsy, loping growl of his speech.

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